“WOW. What can i say. Steve is a delight to work with. Unusual and great suggestions. A really fun and productive shoot. Would not hesitate in working with him again * hint hint*”

“I really enjoyed working with Donna. A laid-back, fun loving person. She has great ideas and it turned out to be a very productive shoot. A lovely person. Cant wait to work alongside her again!!!” – Helen Louise, Coventry





“Donna is very relaxed to work with, she also has a great sense of humor and style, I really enjoyed collaborating with her.” – Marvin Alexander, Birmingham




“Try to get time with Steve, he is a great photographer with plenty of ideas, very easy to work with and a star.”

“Donna is fabulous both sides of the camera. Very easy to work with, approachable and embraces all ideas. A joy to work with!” -Dan Banks, Coventry



Testimonial Sian



“I really enjoyed working in the Liquid Candle studio and Donna was an excellent Creative Director coming up with plenty of pin up girl style poses.”

“We were giggling away as I tried to balance on sky high heels and kick them up in a care free way – it’s harder than it looks! There were some slightly saucier shots as I posed in a genuine 1940s RAF jacket and behind a luxurious fur coat, and Donna really helped me to get into character and feel the elegant vintage vibe.”- Sian Conway, Leicester