Choosing your Package

“What Wedding photography package should i choose?”

Our Quick Wedding Photography Guide

When you’re looking for a wedding photographer, we feel there are three main contributing factors that decide where you spend your wedding photography budget.

Firstly – You want to know how your pictures are going to be taken.  Every wedding photographer has their own way of approaching a wedding which means it can be hard to find the right photographer to suit your needs.  Making sure you have a wedding photographer that will listen to what you want and understand the needs of your wedding will ensure that you get the end result that you deserve.

Secondly – You want to make sure that you choose the right package.  Having a set budget and sticking to it can be hard, so knowing your limits and selecting the right option for your wedding is just as important as buying your dress or choosing the right car for your grand entrance.

Remember – Choose your package around your time constraints.  Work your wedding photographer into your morning itinerary and you won’t have to worry about last minute dress, hair and make-up issues or running late for your perfect day.

Thirdly – Getting back from your amazing Honeymoon to find your perfect album waiting for you can be very exciting, but getting back home only to find that the pictures inside are not up to your expectations can be devastating. Making sure you know what is going to be inside your wedding album is perhaps the most important part of the wedding as it will be how you are going to remember your perfect, magical day for the rest of your lives together.

Make sure the wedding photographer knows exactly what it is that you want to go into your wedding album.  Ask for first edits and  final draughts before printing, anything to ensure you get the album that your wedding deserves.

Remember – Communication is everything.  If you don’t tell your photographer what you want, then you won’t get what you want.  Make sure you stay in touch so you can ensure everything goes smoothly and you get your album back as quickly as possible so you can enjoy it.

Finally – Don’t be afraid to ask.  I know it sounds like being back at school, but asking questions if you feel unsure about anything can put your mind at rest and build a trusting, solid working relationship between you and your wedding photographer.  Ask for advice on what the most popular package is or what the photographer recommends to suit your wedding.  If it doesn’t sound right for you or you feel you’re being pushed into buying, thank them for their time and find someone more suited to your wedding needs.

Custom PhotobookWe hope these simple guidelines help you, even if you don’t choose to work with us on your big day hopefully you will have found something that puts your mind at ease.