Please use this section to answer any simple questions you may have, we have compiled this section with the most frequently asked questions we have encountered from clients.

Who are you?
Hello. We are Donna and Steve Nicholson. We are the Liquid Candle Photography team.

What qualifications do you have?
We met at University so hopefully that should help give you a clue.

Steve has a City and Guilds in Black and White Photography, he was also awarded a diploma in Art and Design as well as a Diploma in Wedding and Studio Portrait Photography from the Brooke School of Photography.

Donna also has a Diploma in Art and Design as well as a BA honours degree in Fine Art, specialising in Painting, Sculpture and Photography. Donna has previously won the Volunteer England Gold award for working with children in Coventry schools.

When i book a photo shoot or wedding coverage will i get one photographer or two?
At present you will recieve two photographers to both studio sessions and wedding coverage. We openly admit that we work best as a team so why mess with a good thing.

You work together but does anyone focus primarily on one particular shooting session?
Yes and no, while we both attend all events, Donna heads up the studio work while Steve takes charge at Weddings. The only really reason that we have fallen into these roles is that Donna has frequently worked with children in the past and at numerous school across Coventry, as such she naturally manages to get the children comfortable in the studio. On saying that however you may well be shot by Steve in the Studio and choose Donna’s photography for your Wedding Album.

I really like your work and i have some ideas, would you be open to trying some of them?
As long as they don’t breach anyone else’s copyright, put yourself or ourselves in any harm and do not break the law, then yes. We went to the University that liked us to try and add a touch of the modern, the shock and the obscure to our work, so we’re pretty open!!

Who retains copyright of the photographs you take?
As the photographer we retain all copyright of our work and as such we will use the images that we shoot to supply you with facebook sneak peeks and mini albums (this generally works out better for you as we welcome you to share these images with family and friends, plus you become part of post production process, knowing where we are with your images), we will use them in our advertising, throughout our media presence and in the physical presentation of our work. After all, without examples of what we do you wouldn’t be here would you?!

Can i purchase copyright to my images?
We do not sell the copyright of the photographs we shoot. We have always been taught that only a foolish photographer sells the copyright to their work, this isn’t particularly from a monetary point of view but from a professional one, selling the rights to an images means that we no longer have a say in how the image can be used and afterall without our work we could never show people what it is that we can do and again you wouldn’t be here reading our FAQ’s. You are welcome to purchase as many prints or other items as you wish.

Do you offer discs with your packages?
The very easy answer to this question and also the short answer is no. For a more in depth answer please see the question directly below this one.

I’ve seen lots of other photographers offer discs with their packages, why don’t you?
When you book a photoshoot or wedding coverage with us, you are purchasing our expertise and hire of our equipment. We like to gift our clients with a complimentary print, book or more as we feel no one should walk away from a shoot without a keepsake (and trust us, there are some places out there where you receive nothing but the presence of a photographer at your photography session).

Primarily we do not offer discs as this tends to signal the work of an inexperienced photographer, a company that offers minimal or no post production on the photographs and somebody that does not treat the photographs you want with the love, respect and care they deserve.

First and foremost we are photographers but we are also artists, every single image shot in our studio is taken from being a damn fine photograph to a stunning one of a kind piece of artwork. If you commissioned a painting, upon it’s completion you wouldn’t then ask to have all of the artists preliminary sketches and studies that helped create the work? Of course not, and the same applies. We are couture photographers and we aim to give you the best possible images, if that means we have shot at some questionable angles to see the light through the trees, we wouldn’t expect you to willing ask for our trial and error images!

Can i upgrade my complimentary prints?
Of course you can, but this will incur a separate cost.

What after processes will you use the photographs?
We will always give images a polish before they leave our studio, this will probably include taking out unsightly objects that have crept into your image (eg a sign on the wall/ hair across the face, glare on glasses) correcting any off lighting and a tighten of the image as a whole.

For images that you request further work on we will of course do all of the above where required, paint in backgrounds where necessary, add filters, turn images to black and white/ sepia/ chosen hue. We can also add things like snow or leaves. By request we can add wording or typography of another nature.