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Hello there!

We are Donna and Steven Nicholson. We are a husband and wife team based in Coventry, West Midlands and Warwickshire. We met at Coventry University where we were both studying Fine Art and have been working together ever since. After nearly eight years working together we have perfected our style and photographic voice. As photographers and as a couple we often mirror each other, thinking the same way and capturing images seamlessly in tune.

Say “Hello” to Steve:website about us 00101

Steve has always hadwebsite about us 00201 an eye for photography, obtaining a City and Guild in Black and White photography and most notably merits for his insights into snapshot photography.

Steve has a Diploma from Coventry University in Art and Design, he was awarded a Diploma in Wedding and Studio Portrait photography from the Brooke School of Photography.

“As children we all have our influences, people we aspire and look up to not realising that in some small way they shape the person you become in later life. Don’t get me wrong, I spent many-a-playtime running around with my fingers in the prone position making machine gun noises arguing over who shot who first, but this is where my love of photography began. I know that sounds strange and it gets more bizarre when I tell you that the man who influenced my photography career at the tender age of 6 was James Bond.”

Steve pauses “Let me explain……

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Both my father and grandfather enjoyed a good Bond film and it was this exposure to Her Majesty’s number one super spy that made me want to become ‘Bond, James Bond’ on the playground. While the other kids were running around finger guns blazing, I was infiltrating enemy bases driving Aston Martins and I would say getting the girl, but at 6, girls are icky!!! As in all Bond films, the gadgets helped save the day, or in my case playground and I would imagine all these wonderful toys helping me get past a guarded gateway, open a locked door, listen in on important conversations. It was at home however that I received my fist proper gadget on my seventh birthday. A small, black, plastic camera, you could load with real film and take real pictures with. It was from that moment my love for photography began and I swapped the sights down my gun fingers for the ones in my camera.”

“It’s silly really, but when I’m out shooting a wedding, I still imagine myself being Bond and apart from the guns, girls* and gadgets, being a photographer is a lot like being a spy. Each job is unique, so you need to learn your location and blend inconspicuously into the background. Gather as much information as you can about your targets (sorry… subjects, I meant subjects) and find the best vantage points from which to take the killer shot. Do the job as quickly, professionally and as charmingly as possible. If you get all these elements right, then you should end up with some stunning photography that will make you immensely proud to have shot and give the client something to treasure forever.”

*Just for the record, I would like to point out that I married my Bond girl and unlike Diana Riggs character, Teresa di Vicenzo, in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, my darling wife was not killed in a hail of machine gun fire on our wedding day whilst driving along a twisty continental mountain road.

And how about a “Howdy” for Donna:

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Donna has been creative her whole life, she has an honours degree in Fine Art (Including Painting, Sculpture and Photography).

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Donna is a previous Volunteer England Gold Award winner (Working with children in Coventry Schools), a runner up in the Nation’s Favourite Photo Competition and has collaborated on numerous exhibitions in Coventry.

Donna says “I’ve spent years capturing things i found interesting. Whether it be through a lens, with a pencil or with a mountain of plastic bags- yes really. My second year at University saw me collecting carrier bags and elevating their status from the mundane to something special. Seriously. I’m not kidding. Stop laughing. It was all in the name of art i swear!

I started out with the most god awful camera, it was a dodgy little thing that had a temperamental shutter and a several buttons really took the gift of technology to get working! It was dreadful, how i lasted so long with it i’ll never know. I would miss shots i wanted to capture because it would decide to just simply stop working but i actually took many wonderful images with it, which i suppose is more about the photographer and less about the camera.”

“I love many aspects of the website about us 006art world, i realise there are many people who like to segment the  ‘fields’ of work and put their creators in neat little pigeon holes but i just think that if something is wonderful, beautiful, creative and interesting, it really doesn’t matter what form it comes in!”

“Obviously i particularly like photography, i like being able to capture a fleeting moment. After it’s gone, it’s gone and never to be repeated. There is something so wonderful and sad about capturing those moments. It’s wonderful because you’ve saved that second forever but it’s also sad because it’s in the past.”

“I’ve been working with Steve for nearly eight years, i graduated with honours from University four years ago and that time has been spent setting up our business, looking after our daughter Megan and practising the skills i acquired at the ‘classroom’ in the real, very scary world! I’m a big advocate of post production in photography, when we shot in film we could change the feel of a image in the darkroom, now we can digitally do the same things and it opens up so many different doors. I never believe a photograph should leave the studio without a little polish, it’s my job to make sure that people get the absolutely best images and they always do. I put lots of love, care and time into my work, it isn’t just my job, it’s my passion.”


Donna and Steve are no strangers to being in front of the camera either, having featured in numerous shoots themselves, most recently for an article in Coventry University’s alumni magazine Evolve as their cover stars, the magazine featured their own wedding and progression from class mates, to a married couple and parents. Liquid Candle Photography was even given a mention!