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Over time we’ve found that, unless our Bride and Grooms work in the arts, they tend to know very little about photography. It’s understandable really because unless you’ve worked in the industry or you’re close to someone who does there’s a likelihood that this is why you’ve paid someone else to take care of your…… Continue Reading

It’s true, a book is a beautiful thing and all of ours have been crafted for you.  Edited to your specification and laid out by hand, conscious of artistic compliments and natural flow. We pride ourselves on being able to give you the best album we possibly can, not only do we tailor everything around…… Continue Reading

Here at Liquid Candle HQ we were pleased to get a message through to say one of the photographs we took during our time with Wikipedia is currently being used in Wikimedia UK Annual Review for 2013. The review can be found here:… Continue Reading

As you’ll be aware, Information Technology Group moved premises back in March and we were on hand to take some exterior photographs for their website. We’re pleased to pass on that the chosen photograph has gone live on their website and you can view it here:… Continue Reading

It was a calm and relaxed morning in our house the day of Naomi and Deans wedding, the alarm went off and we rose out of bed. We showered, dressed and checked all our equipment. The batteries were full, there were spares in the bag. The memory card was clear and ready to be filled…… Continue Reading

We stepped back in time recently and visited the Lunt Fort when it was still inhabited by Romans! Of course having those fearsome Romans around gave us a great photo opportunity and we did get many images of the players demonstrating drills, lounging around and cleaning off their armour. We thought that the Romans might…… Continue Reading